• Welcome to

    Stone Eden British Nursery

  • Our nursery has three rooms

    • Baby Room – 6-18months

    • Toddler Room – 18months to 2.5 years

    • Pre-School Room – 2.5-3 years (or when they leave for school/Kindergarten)

  • The nursery has foreign teachers from the following countries

    • United Kingdom

    • United States

    Alongside foreign teachers the nursery has Chinese British speaking teachers.

  • Air Quality

    At Stone Eden we take hygiene and air quality very seriously, that is why we have an IQAir, Air Visual Pro machine in the nursery, we do air quality tests everyday where we test the quality outside of the nursery and also inside the nursery.

    Alongside the IQAir machine we have a HealthPro GC air Purifier machine. This is the same machine that is used in hospitals and health care facilities.

  • Follow the links below to find out more about our nursery


  • Growing Explorers Baby Room

    Our Baby room is specifically designed for 6-18 months years.
    Baby Room
  • Active Learners Toddler Rooms

    We ensure within our toddler unit we create a positive environment, whilst developing and maintaining positive partnerships with parents, carers and children.
    Toddler rooms
  • Critical Thinkers Pre-school Room

    Pre-school room offers children a wide range of learning experiences that prepare them for the big step of starting school.
    Pre-school Room
  • Understanding the world and wider community Outdoor Play

    Outdoor play offers learning opportunities which enable children to discover the world and the beauty of nature
    Outdoor Play