Terms & Conditions

  • Terms & Conditions

    Certain regulations are necessary to maintain our high standards and to enable us to provide a high quality, stable and well-organized environment for the children in our care and our staff. Please be aware of and abide by the following conditions.

    General matters

    1. Stone Eden shall inform Parents closed days at least 24 hours in advance.

    Stone Eden has the right to determine ‘Closed Days’ and times and related consequences on the Fees. Stone Eden Closed Days are set out below:

    i. Chinese public holidays and international holidays. (If the Chinese law/Chinese government has set a working day on a Saturday or a Sunday, Stone Eden will not be open to children on this day for the ordinary Monday to Friday classes and these classes will not be made up for.

    ii.Emergency circumstances and other special circumstances (such as, severe weather conditions, building renovation, facility upgrade, no water or electricity, infectious illnesses for health and safety reasons, staff training or miscellaneous government requirements).

    2. Holidays we close only on statutory Public Holidays in China, at weekends, and for Christmas Day and the New Year’s Day, Easter Holidays. We closed at 3:00 PM on New Year’s Eve.

    3. Allocating places: Wherever practicable, we allocate places based on who has been on the waiting list longest and the attendance pattern required. The exception to this is extra sessions for children already attending Stone Eden and their siblings. However, in no circumstances can we guarantee a place.

    4. Settling in period: Children usually benefit from being introduced gradually to a new environment. So, we work with you to help settle your child with us as gently as possible. Normally, you can take advantage of several free settling in sessions, which must be taken before your child’s booked start date.

    You may find it helpful for your child to bring in a favourite item such as a toy, blanket, etc.

    5. Moving up: When your child approaches the age at which s/he would move to a different room, we’ll normally move him/her only when s/he is ready developmentally.

    6. Changes to personal details: Our Enrolment Form requests certain information about you and your child. It is of the utmost importance that this information is kept up to date. We ask you, therefore, to inform us of any changes immediately.

    7. Meals and snacks: Stone Eden provides a mid-morning snack, full lunch, early afternoon snack, and an extra payable Evening Meal. We provide weaning foods for babies not yet eating full diets.

    If your child is bottle-fed, you must supply us with sufficient freshly made up bottles each day. We shall return your empty bottles at pick up time. We don’t sterilise your bottles.

    8. Special dietary arrangements. Our menu has two main dietary alternatives – unrestricted (except for nuts, shellfish and honey), and dairy-free vegetarian. If your child has a diet that is restricted in any way, we will draw up an individual dietary plan with you.

    If your child needs special foods (e.g. organic only, goat’s milk, etc), we require you to supply the acceptable item(s).

    9. Nut and food allergies We prohibit from our premises nuts and products in which nuts are listed as an ingredient.

    ‘Nuts’ encompasses groundnuts and tree nuts (eg peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, Brazils, cashews, etc) but excludes coconuts and chestnuts.

    If a child has an intolerance or allergy to a food item, we will implement our Food Control procedure to ensure that the child is not served food where that item is listed as an ingredient. Products which have a warning to the effect that the product may contain traces of the item, but which don’t have the item on the list of ingredients are acceptable.

    Where we are made aware that a child has a life-threatening food allergy (eg requires an EpiPen), we will work with you to minimise the risk of exposure to the allergen.

    10. Daily requirements: Each day your child attends please ensure that you provide:

    • At least one full change of clean clothes.
    • Weather-appropriate items such as Wellington boots, rain coats, sun hats, etc. 

    Your child’s bag will accompany him/her home each evening, which will enable you to replenish the supplies for his/her next attendance.

    11. Stone Eden’s supplies to help make your life a little easier, we supply nappies, nappy cream, nappy rash cream, wipes, sun cream, paracetamol medicine, anti-histamine medicine and teething gel within our normal fees.

    12. Supplies from home No discount is available for supplying your own foods, nappies, sun cream or anything else that we provide.

    Please remember that nuts and products containing nuts and nut derivatives are prohibited. This applies to medicines, toilet creams, food stuffs, etc.

    13. Clothing, Personal Property, Valuables, etc: All of your child’s clothing and property should be clearly marked with his/her name.

    We ask that your child doesn’t bring jewellery, money or other valuables, sweets, chocolates, nuts, chewing gum, fizzy drinks, etc in to Stone Eden.

    We do not accept responsibility for accidental injury, or damage to or loss of personal property.

    Stone Eden maintains various insurances as required by law, details of which are available from our manager.

    14. Sickness: Children encounter many childhood illnesses whilst in group settings, but to reduce the risk of cross infection we ask that you keep your child at home if s/he is showing signs of a rash, sore throat, discharge from the eyes, ears or nose, diarrhoea, vomiting or any contagious illness. Please refer to our infection control policy for further information.

    If a child suffers vomiting or diarrhoea, s/he should be kept away from nursery until at least one clear day after the last occurrence.

    If a child becomes sick during his/her attendance, we reserve the right to call for emergency assistance and, if necessary, have him/her taken to hospital.

    15. Medicines: It is Stone Eden policy not to administer medicines to children except for specific, restricted circumstances, and only after you have completed our relevant medication form. We make every endeavour to follow the doctor’s/manufacturer’s instructions but must reserve the right to refuse a request to administer medicines whilst a child is in our care.

    16. Absences: If your child is likely to be absent for any reason, please inform us as soon as possible. We are required to log all absences as part of the Safeguarding requirements.

    17. Child protection: We are obliged to report to the appropriate authorities any incident where we consider a child may have been abused or neglected. This may be done without informing the parent/guardian.

    18. Behaviour management: In the rare event that a child’s behaviour is so difficult to manage or places others at risk we reserve the right to cancel the child’s place upon 28 days written notice or without notice if necessary for the safety and welfare of others.

    19. Force majeure or termination: Due to factors beyond the control of Stone Eden (including but not limited to, force majeure events), Stone Eden will not be liable for its inability to perform its services.

    Health & Safety Terms & Conditions

    Infection Control

    Children encounter many childhood illnesses whilst in group care settings, but to reduce the risk of cross infection we ask that you keep your child at home if s/he is showing signs of a rash, sore throat, discharge of fluid from any orifice (eyes, ears, nose, etc), diarrhoea, vomiting or any contagious/infectious illness whether viral or bacterial. If your child is absent from Stone Eden through sickness, we ask that you inform the manager so that we can minimise the number of children affected and alert any vulnerable people such as pregnant women.

    High Temperature

    If your child suffers from a high temperature whilst at Stone Eden, we will commence a temperature monitoring procedure and will contact you if the temperature remains of concern. We require that your child is collected from Stone Eden. If your child has had to be collected because of a high temperature, you are asked to keep your child off Nursery until his/her temperature has returned to normal and s/he is well enough to participate in normal nursery life.

    Emergency Treatment

    In emergencies, it is sometimes necessary to obtain treatment for a child from a medical professional. As a delay in these circumstances is highly undesirable, we advise you that in the event of sudden illness or accident affecting your child that might require more than the first aid that Stone Eden can provide, we reserve the right to take him/her to a doctor, to the hospital, or to call an ambulance to receive such treatment as the medical professionals advise. In such a situation, we will always try to contact one of the contacts listed on this enrolment form as soon as is reasonably possible but will not delay obtaining treatment for the child if we feel that speed of treatment is paramount.

    In order to maintain our high standards and to ensure the sustainability of Stone Eden Day Nursery we reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Where any changes directly affect you, we will give you reasonable notice of the change taking effect.

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